Our mission:

We in Bloop cosmetics want to make care of dogs a very nice experience, which will create a deeper connection between the owner and his pet. Our goal is to constantly improve our products, using top-quality raw materials, which provides the best “tool” for the proper care of the dog. Our mission is to do everything to put health, beauty and well-being of each dog at the highest possible level, inside and out equally.

We are committed to:
  • Help owners to better understand the importance of proper care of the dog.
  • To provide guidance on the best ways to care for the dog.
  • To offer products for hygiene, which are unmatched in the world of dog cosmetics, which will t well into the specific needs of each individual dog. Secret ingredients of Bloop shampoo
Secret ingredients of Bloop shampoo

The secret of success of our formula is actually very simple, but for large producers, mostly unattainable. We use only the highest quality and most expensive active ingredients, with no preservatives, parabens and other harmful substances, which must be part of the commercial products. The main ingredients of our products, among others are:  Panthenol, Oats, Oat , Argan Oil, Hemp oil, Keratin, Collagen, Olive oil…