All Natural Algae&Tea Tree Oil

Completely natural concentrated shampoo for often washing and bathing of a dog. Suitable for use with all breeds. Very mild tensides enable efficient removal of dirt that dogs are exposed to daily. Ether oil of tea tree has a beneficial effect on preventing the development of bacterial and fungal infections. Panthenol nourishes and moisturizes fur. Algae are rich with vitamins A, E, C and B, as well as with amino acids and iodine. Algae rehydrate the skin, tone it and prevent premature skin aging. Algae perfectly nourish the skin, fasten cell regeneration and microcirculation, which benefits the revitalizing of the cells.

Use: Concentrated formula. Dilute the shampoo in the ratio 1:5 up to 1:10, then apply to wet dog’s fur. Leave it for a couple of minutes to operate. Rinse with of water.

Packaging: Available pack : 200 ml, 1 l and 5 l