Harsh Coat Shampoo

Professional dog shampoo for groomers

A specific shampoo for dogs with harsh coat. It nourish, making it easier combing but does not soften dog’s hair. The high concentration of Collagen gives the hair fullness, texture and volume, it can be used for dog exhibition preparing, which allows you to wash the dog on the day of exhibition, it want electrified the coat, coat will be well set.  Perfectly for using on Black Schnauzer, it intense black colour. 

Use: Concentrated formula. Dilute the shampoo in the ratio of 1:10, then apply to the wet dog coat. Allow a few minutes to take effect. Rinse with water.

Active Ingredients: PEG-7 glyceryl , hydrolysed collagen, hydrolysed keratin.

Packaging: Available pack: 200 ml, 1 l and 5 l


Jack Russell terrier, small and hyperactive, sometimes tireless. We often see it digging, which is why its treatment is somewhat fun because in the bath too it cannot control its temper, and its owner is often bathed together with it, but this is why keeping these little temperamental friends with friendly disposition is fun. Bloop dog cosmetics has developed a formula according to the needs of dog’s hair. Bloop harsh coat shampoo is intended for wire-haired dog breeds. High concentration of Collagen gives the hair fullness, texture and volume. Mild hints of fragrance is almost neutral. Shampoo without paraben with controlled Ph value.